An Introvert Renovates: 3 Key Steps To Prepare For Before Renovating (Part 1)
By Stacked Homes  •  April 26, 2022

When one journey ends, another begins, so says every motivational poster with a picture of an endless highway. In late 2020, I ended a two-year journey as a solo, introverted property buyer, only to start the following year as a solo, introverted renovator. And during a pandemic, no less.

Renovating felt just as challenging as buying property, maybe even more so. Because now I was this much closer to getting my dream home and the stakes felt much, much higher. Cue anxiety.

On the bright side, I was a bit older, possibly a bit wiser, and certainly more experienced in matters of property.

I am a first-time homeowner and a first-time renovator. But I am an all-time introvert, so much of my story and learnings will speak to my introversion. Whether you find yourself ticking one or all of these boxes, I hope you’ll find some value in my renovation experience.

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By Stacked Homes
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