Travelling Soon? Don’t Forget Travel Insurance
By Sethisfy  •  April 26, 2022
To be perfectly honest, I’m someone who has never bought travel insurance. My travel plans have always been relatively smooth-sailing, and the occasional hiccup or two are easily self-insurable. I also travelled on very shoestring budgets to safe and familiar countries, so I never saw the need for travel insurance (aside from medical evacuation) The pandemic, however, has changed things significantly. While we rejoice in the world gradually reopening, the risk of something going wrong is still pretty high now, and the costs can be steep. Travel insurance now ranks quite high on my priorities if I were to travel now, especially with the peace of mind it can bring as we gingerly return to normalcy. Here are some travel insurance promos you can consider while preparing for your upcoming trips. You may also head over to Singsaver’s travel insurance portal that would help you pick a suitable travel policy....
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By Sethisfy
When I was a kid, people told me that I’d miss being a student once I became an adult and had grownup responsibilities. I’d start missing exams when I had to go to work. I’d miss having pocket money when I have to pay my taxes. Been an adult for a decade now and I think… I like it. I’m never going back to being a kid again!

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