The hype behind Greater Southern Waterfront
By Property Soul  •  April 27, 2022
On April 12, the Urban Redevelopment Authority (URA) announced its housing development in Greater Southern Waterfront. When completed, the existing 48-hectare land of the Keppel Club will have a total of 9,000 residential units, including 6,000 public housing flats and 3,000 private residential units.
Property consultants know better than HDB and URA? Real estate stakeholders are welcome to share their market forecasts or future predictions. Never mind the numbers are based on gut feel or a wild guess. It is not required to back it up with assumptions, calculations or formula. There is no consequence for making a wrong prediction. No spokesperson has ever been backtracked to be held responsible for an inaccurate forecast. – Vina Ip, Behind The Scenes of The Property Market 1) Pricing in Greater Southern Waterfront Immediately, property agencies and property portals were excited by the Greater Southern Waterfront plan. They wasted no time to make...
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By Property Soul
I have developed a strong passion for properties since young. In my 20s, I was relocated to Singapore where I bought my first condominium unit at the end of 2002. I added four more to my property portfolio in 4 ½ years’ time. I never expected their total value could be doubled in just a few years.

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