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Meta’s 1Q2022 Earnings – Only 1 Metric Matters
By Dr Wealth  •  April 29, 2022
For some prelude to this, do check out this article which covers Meta’s results for 4Q2021. Here we are once again with Meta’s earnings in the headlines. From .. We are now seeing … Needless to say, Meta is once again back in the headlines and this time on a much better note. What puzzles me the most is that I’ve looked at their earnings in detail and to be honest, Meta didn’t exactly beat earnings. In fact, their earnings were very much on par with expectations. As I continue to make sense of this recent earnings call, I’ll be analysing some of the key numbers which investors should look at and from there, I’ll be sharing the one KEY METRIC that investors seem to care more than anything else when it comes to social media stocks! Put on your…Oculus?? and lets jump right into it! Facebook’s (Meta Platforms) 1Q2022 Financial Highlights 1. Key Metrics – EPS & Revenue...
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By Dr Wealth
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