What to do during the uncertain times ahead?
By Value Warrior  •  April 30, 2022

With rising interest rate, high inflation, Russia's invasion and China's Covid surge going on in the world, the market is expected to be volatile due to the uncertainty. So what do we do?

What do you do when you see your portfolio drops by 20 to 30%? Panic sell? Buy the dip? Or Dollar cost average?


Well my solution is none of the above yet… What is especially important to me during such time is A financial safety net FIRST!


This to me is an important aspect of my overall financial planning. A sound Financial safety net allows me to have a peace of mind knowing that regardless of what happens in the market, I still have something to fall back on. This gives me the emotional stability to stay rational during such volatile times.


The main financial safety net for me is my CPF. It's something that I have been building up for

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By Value Warrior
A regular working Joe starting out his value investing journey. I started my investment journey late at the age of 34. Looking back i wish i had started earlier so that power of compounding can work its magic. Nevertheless a good time to start investing is always NOW!!! So here i am having started this journey, i planned to reach Financial independence at age 65. Wish me luck.

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