1 Year in NUS – Portfolio Update and 15% Yield on USDC!
By Frugal Youth Invests  •  May 1, 2022

Hello! I am sure it has been almost close to a year since I updated this blog. I sincerely apologised for my inactiveness in updating my blog as I have become a full-time student studying in NUS’s School of Computing. 29 April was my last paper and I immediately took the chance to provide updates on my investment portfolio and what I have been doing financially for the past year.

Portfolio Update

My current portfolio allocation hasn’t deviated much from the last portfolio reveal that was published last year August, with the exception of selling away UIPath and adding positions in Nvidia. I told myself that I would be leaving my portfolio as it is while I focus on my studies for the next 4 years. This is in hope of proving the theory of time in the market is better than timing the market.

I started accumulating Nvidia in late December to take advantage of its

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By Frugal Youth Invests
I am a final year polytechnic student at Singapore Polytechnic and awaiting for my enlistment in 2019. I started investing when I was 18 years old. 1 January 2018 was the day when everyone celebrates the start of a new year but it was also the day when I applied for a brokerage account to embark the investment journey to retire early ...

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