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Gro Capital Ease Guaranteed 1.82%
By My Sweet Retirement  •  May 3, 2022
The popular short term endowment plan is back. The latest tranche of NTUC Income Gro Capital Ease provides you a guaranteed return of 1.82% p.a. at the end of the policy term. This equates to a guaranteed maturity benefit of 105.56% of your single premium insurance savings plan at the end of policy which is 3 years. With falling interest rates, short term endowment plans have become good alternative to traditional bank fixed deposits. What are Endowment Plans? Endowment plans such as Gro Capital Ease are life insurance saving plans offered by insurance companies. The aim is to help policyholders save towards specific financial goals. Policy holders can contribute a regular amount for a designated period of time or pay a lump sum upfront at the start of the policy. Upon maturity of the policy, you will be given a lump sum payout with the guaranteed return. It is best to study the plan carefully as certain endowment plans offers non-guaranteed returns....
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By My Sweet Retirement
I am a working salaried professional in my mid 30s. Just like most Singaporeans, I worked long office working hours, often trying very hard to find some work life balance. The Sweet Retirement Blog was created to share my journey towards achieving a comfortable retirement life. I believe we cannot simply rely solely on our Central Provident Fund savings when reaching old age. Neither can we rely solely on our bank savings as we all know the interest rates cannot beat inflation.

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