(Non Equities Related) My reflections on turning 28
By Investing Thoughts  •  May 4, 2022
As May approaches, i will be turning 28 this month. I did some reflection on various aspects of my life. Lessons Learnt (Applicable to myself but does not mean it applies to all) 1) Its not about who is in front of you and who is behind you. But rather is the current speed and progress something you are satisfied with. Many of times, we have heard of people sharing how highly paid / rich / well respected at work with high rank etc as well as stories of how people are lowly paid / poor/ suffering in some aspect of life / not having work life balance etc etc. The main thing for me is that everyone has their own 'game' to focus on. As such, you should know yourself best in what you can achieve and what you cannot. Hence you should set targets for yourself only and focus on it....
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By Investing Thoughts
Age 25, currently doing part-time. Studied in NTU as a Banking and Finance student. Also known as zzxiaoboizz Enjoys doing equity research and investing. Currently vested in Hong Kong and Singapore listed Equities Would pen some of his thoughts here. Also enjoys watching concerts.

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