Retiring using Anchor Earn + Visa Card
By KPO and CZM  •  May 4, 2022
Regular readers will know that CZM has retired already and the bulk of our passive income comes from crypto (specifically Anchor Earn). One of the most common questions I get is how to off-ramp and spend those digital money/profits, hence this will be a step by step guide on how we are doing it :) We are doing 2 types of off-ramp:
  1. If we are planning to off-ramp >US$10k, do it through FTX. Convert everything to USD and wire out to bank account.
  2. Off-ramp smaller amount for daily expenses. This is harder because fees will make it not worth the time/effort. However, one can actually use the Visa Card to bypass/cut down on the fees.
  3. Withdraw money from Anchor (UST 1,000)
  4. Get your "Deposit" address for UST from FTX Technically you can use any exchange that accepts both UST and USDC. If you are wondering why USDC, that's because that's the only stablecoin accepted by now.
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By KPO and CZM
I am Ong and my fiancee (Chan Zui Mao a.k.a CMZ) calls me a Kiam Pok (i.e. stingy/thrifty depending on how you look at it). Hence, the nickname KPO (Kiam Pok Ong). We have decided to name the blog KPO because I have proposed to CMZ successfully and she is officially a KPO too. The purpose of the blog is to list down all the money-saving tips, our investment/journey to financial freedom and to document my life with CZM.

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