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$1500 per month from my side income
By Value Warrior  •  May 7, 2022
In this post, I am sharing the side income I am having apart from my full time job. I started looking for alternate streams of income a couple of years back. The main reason is to hopefully build up sufficient streams of passive income to eventually replace my main income. This will give me the financial freedom to live life my own terms. Till date, I do have a few streams of income but not all of them are passive and they are definitely still very far from replacing my main income. So here are my 5 sources of side income. 1)    Rental income. If you had read my previous post, you would have known that I have gotten my 2nd property and is currently renting out my HDB. Currently the rental is around $2800. Deducting $800 to pay for property tax, income tax and other miscellaneous expense such as conservancy fee, my rental income is around $1000/month...
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By Value Warrior
A regular working Joe starting out his value investing journey. I started my investment journey late at the age of 34. Looking back i wish i had started earlier so that power of compounding can work its magic. Nevertheless a good time to start investing is always NOW!!! So here i am having started this journey, i planned to reach Financial independence at age 65. Wish me luck.

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