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Tencent Stock – Is Tencent a better buy than Alibaba?
By Learn To Invest  •  May 9, 2022
For more than a year, Tencent has also been on a downward trajectory, dragged down by regulatory fears. Recently, investors sentiment has been unfavorable toward Tencent shares due to several concerns. Potential delisting by the US SEC, China’s potential involvement in the Russia-Ukraine conflict just to name a few. Tencent’s stock suffered a sharp drop after the company reported its slowest-ever growth due to a bruising crackdown by China on the country’s tech sector. This bruising crackdown started way back on 3rd November 2020, where Chinese regulators suspended Ant Group’s $37 billion IPO. In May 2022, China regulators signal ease of tech squeeze in bid to lift the China economy. As of today, Tencent has dropped drastically by ~55% from it’s all-time high. Many value investors have reiterated that most Chinese equities are currently undervalued and the market has bottomed. Hence, is this a good time to look into Tencent stock and consider buying it?...
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By Learn To Invest
Not an investment genius, but someone who is learning and sharing my findings on personal finance and investing. I have amassed my knowledge through internships, amazing mentors and books. I developed this blog to document my investment path and demonstrate to the general public that anyone can learn to manage and increase their own money with the right framework of investing and thinking. In that spirit, I intend to share my thoughts and opinions as open as possible in this blog. Because of familiarity and my knowledge with the SG companies, I began my investing in SG markets in 2019. I eventually expanded to invest in the Hong Kong and the United States markets.

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