Tiger Brokers Review: One of the Cheapest in Singapore!
By Singapore Financial Planners  •  May 10, 2022
Established in 2014 respectively, Tiger Brokers is one of the most popular and affordable online brokerages for Singapore investors. This article overviews the main features and services offered by Tiger Brokers. By the end, you will know exactly what to expect if you are considering investing with this online brokerage. Markets Offered by Tiger Brokers Tiger Brokers allows users to trade in 5 different world-class international markets all from the convenience of a single online account. Available markets include:
  • Singapore Exchange (SGX),
  • The Hong Kong Exchange (HKEX)
  • The US stock market (New York Stock Exchange, Nasdaq Stock Market, American Stock Exchange, Pink Sheet Exchange)
  • The Chinese stock market (Shanghai Stock Exchange)
  • The Australian Exchange (ASX)
  Tiger Brokers’ wide range of market offerings makes it an excellent option for investors who are after a more globally diversified investment portfolio. Tradable Asset Classes Offered Tiger Brokers Tiger Brokers offers quite a diverse range of investment products. Specific...
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By Singapore Financial Planners
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