Withdrawing all money from USDC staking
By My Road To Financial Freedom  •  May 10, 2022
I have withdrawn all my USDC that I was staking with CRO. Around 11.6k USDC. Managed to net a small profit of 900SGD, mainly due to the change in exchange rate. 1.34 to 1.39. Made the mistake of not closing both sides for my buy puts and calls, which have resulted in me in losing 45 USD after fees. Would continue to buy both calls and puts going forward as I expect the market to be more volatile as we go forward....
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By My Road To Financial Freedom
This blog is Singapore based. 20 years old is the time for a change, I am currently out of polytechnic and am serving in the army (NS), this blog will be about anything under the sun. The main purpose of this blog is to track down my journey to achieving financial freedom and me trying to improve daily. Writing is not my strongest point any pointers or advice is much welcomed, and the same goes for financial decision as I am still learning.

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