A review on current crypto holdings – officially in winterland
By Rainbow Coin  •  May 11, 2022
It's been a while since I last posted. Semi-fire life has been fairly stable with nothing exciting nor motivating enough for me to pen something.
I have been watching the bearish market unfold on the sideline, one that whacked almost every single asset class except for oil. Gold was not spared either as its price is sensitive to the Fed's rate hike. (Since it is mostly used as an inflation hedge in an investment portfolio, the non-yielding asset will have continued selling pressure if Fed continues its interest rate hike.)
The worst of the bear-beaten lot must be cryptocurrency. Summer seems officially over and I don't know how long will this winter lasts. The massacre just got worse these few days. I was too confident and complacent last year to not harvest a fair share of profits while the sun shines. At the beginning of this year, I still DCA-ed into
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By Rainbow Coin
I began exploring the financial world in year 2010, hoping to get out of the rat race and be financially independent. 2010 was the aftermath period of the Lehman crisis when a pretty shaken up market was struggling to recover. On hindsight, that was the perfect time to catch multi-bagger stocks should I be a veteran or at least had some basic knowledge of picking up 'gems'. My learning curve was steep then, as I have absolutely no friends or relative who could shed some light on what's investing about.

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