Black Swan – To Sell, Hold, or Buy More?
By StocksCafe  •  May 12, 2022
This article is written by Liyang, one of StocksCafe’s users, and also the owner of The Sloth Investor. Black swans in the stock market are sudden, awful, unpredictable and extremely rare. The Covid-19 pandemic and Russia-Ukraine War are two good recent examples. Overnight, the stock prices fell tremendously. It’s only human to react strongly to these perceived threats, and many investors reacted by selling their stocks immediately.  However, is that the only surviving approach? The Covid-19 pandemic upset the stock market but it eventually bounced back in a V-shaped recovery. Some investors successfully timed the market and doubled their net worth. Those who simply held and did nothing would have recovered their value prior to the dip. Yet, there were some who tried to time the market but ended up losing some capital as they did not enter the market when it was at its bottom.  What can we do to...
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By StocksCafe
StocksCafe was created originally as a personal project to help me make better investment decisions. I decided to share it because it grew to a project that I believe many can benefit from. Feel free to let me know how it can improve to better assist you ...

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