Bull or Bear, It Doesn’t Really Matter
By Investing Beanstock  •  May 13, 2022
We are in a bear market. And that is fine. It is not fun to experience a bear market, but they are also not the end too. Traditional markets and crypto markets alike are retracing after the money printer taps are put to a halt. We are in an unprecedented macro environment with high inflation as a result of the irresponsible money printing ever since 2008’s Global Financial Crisis. The Baby Boomers left a huge mess for the Millennials to figure out, and unfortunately everything but cash right now is down bad. I’m nearly down 50% from my All Time Highs and essentially back to where I am in late 2021. It’s a setback but I am not worried at all. My time horizon is in the decades range and money can always be made back, what’s important is the process of accumulating said wealth, and staying wealthy after...
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By Investing Beanstock
Investing Beanstock incepted as a platform for me to share my knowledge on investing and personal finance. As investing is a long term process, just like planting a bean, it takes time and effort before it can grow exponentially and be rewarded like Jack (and the beanstalk).

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