uSMART review: Getting started on uSMART Intel and its latest Fractional Share Investing
By New Academy of Finance  •  May 13, 2022
uSMART Intel Features and Fractional Share Investing If you recall my previous article on uSMART (click on link here to go to the previous article), there were a couple of features like its Daily Hot Stock picks or Featured Strategies that remain a mystery because an Intel Subscription was required in order for me to access it. I decided to seek a Venture Capitalist (VC) to help fund the Intel Subscription package.  After several rounds of fierce negotiations, I gave my closing statement to the VC I managed to arrange a discussion with and described how this subscription could provide me the advanced tools and knowledge to navigate the recent tumultuous markets and make us a fortune. This in turn will increase his daily school allowance. With my impactful closing statement, a simple contract was drafted out and signed and my son gave me $1 from his piggy bank to help me fund the...
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By New Academy of Finance

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