Don’t be too quick to judge your portfolio’s performance
By Data Science Investor  •  May 14, 2022
We often make the first judgement on things without fully understanding the context. That's a very common thing that most of us are guilty of. Our experiences have provided us with certain preconceived notions and we use them to pass judgements on many things we come across in lighting speeds. This applies to how we judge our portfolio and financial markets too. When we are in a bull market, we tend to think that the bull markets will last forever. When we are in a bear market, we believe it will last forever too. This is what's happening now. The market has been on a downward trend for the whole of 2022 so far. The S&P 500 saw a decline of -16% YTD while the NASDAQ has already lost a quarter of its value this year. As we see the value of our portfolio drops on a daily basis, we tend to second guess our investment choices...
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By Data Science Investor
This is a site to publish my findings and research which are based on data science to aid you in your decision making process for investments in stocks and property, particularly in the Singapore market.

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