LUNA: Why it crashed and how it roughly happened?
By KaChinging  •  May 15, 2022
Hey all, long time no post. Almost half a year actually. I was busy with career switch, had to learn a crazy amount of new stuff (tired mentally haha). Hardly had the time for blogging about crypto or even follow up on latest stuff. But all that hard work had paid off and I'm now doing tech work full time! Me at work Anyway, LUNA (Terra) blew up really bad. My definition of bad used to like -90% which is expected for altcoins but LUNA here has redefined it for me. Well I'm kinda back from my hiatus cause of the articles I saw floating around talking about how $LUNA crashed (some used it to promote their paid stuff wtf) but none actually explained simple enough for anyone to understand. Since I'm technically a (smol) crypto blogger, I feel compelled/triggered enough to try piecing everything together in a digestible manner so retail would know their money's  ...
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By KaChinging
Engineer, 90s Baby, Newbie Investor, INTP, Sandwich Generation, Live to Work not Work to Live, Singaporean KaChinging is about a young working adult venturing into the unfamiliar world of investing to alleviate the burdens of living expenses, reduce reliance on monthly salary and hopefully achieve financial independence.

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