SRS Portfolio – 15 May 2022
By Mr. IPO  •  May 15, 2022

The global markets continue to gyrate and drop further since my last update on 30 April 2022 and interestingly enough, 5E resources managed to debut relatively flat vis-a-vis its IPO price of 26 cents on 12 May 2022. I would say it is a "great outcome".
There had been a few results announcements concerning my portfolio, let me just briefly summarise them.
AIMS APAC REIT - announced on 27 April 2022
AIMS APAC REIT announced its 2nd half financial results for the year ended 31 March 2022.

Despite the year on year increase in gross revenue and net property income in 2H FY2022, the DPU decreased. That is largely due to distributions related to the S$250m perps issued on 1 Sep 2021 for the acquisition of Woolworths HQ. On a more positive note, the full year rental revision is positive at 14.7%. 

Based on the announcement, my SRS portfolio (30,000 units) will receive a distribution of 30,000 x 2.36...
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By Mr. IPO
Mr. IPO graduated from NTU with a Bachelor in Accountancy (Honors) and started life as a lowly auditor. The audit experience not only polished up his accounting skills but also made him very skeptical about the financial records of companies. He always read the financial reports with a huge dose of salt ...

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