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How to get rich and stay rich
By Loopholes Singapore  •  May 17, 2022
Apologies for the “click-baity” title but I think it is kind of fun to write about this since I have already done my post on how to be rich. To continue from the my post on how to be rich, I would like to reiterate that it is ”easy” to get rich simply because of the transitory properties of money itself. This means that you can technically become a multi-millionaire so long as someone or some entity transfers that amount of money into your bank account. So I guess the more important point of my post is on the topic of how to stay rich instead. I understand that it is off little value to share about this topic especially when the person is not rich yet. However, I feel that it is more important to know how to stay rich or at least know how it is like to maintain your wealth rather than knowing how to get rich in the first place....
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By Loopholes Singapore

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