By Life is a journey  •  May 19, 2022
Photo by Илья Мельниченко on Unsplash Dear Readers, Thank you for coming here! I used to day-dream a lot. I would be so deep into my day-dream that I would completely disconnect with the real world. Sometimes, in school, I would start day dreaming in English lessons and wake up seeing math teacher on the stage… The things I dreamed about were usually me achieving something impossible after hard work, me helping people around me or me saving the world. I guess this happens to most kids. But it was a problem for me because I appeared to do this to a much higher extend. And it affected my focus. For example, I would miss a big part of the lessons and have to catch up afterwards. I consciously fought it and fought it hard. Photo by Bruce Christianson on Unsplash Fast-forwarding to today, I rarely day-dream. Maybe I can claim victory in the war against day-dream. However, in my job...
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By Life is a journey
A white-collar and a father of 2, who would like to share his journey to Financial Freedom for both his own record keeping and hopefully inspiration for others on the same journey.

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