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Financial Literacy Lesson #3 – Stop the goalposts from moving
By Taking Care Of My Own Business  •  May 22, 2022
We should stop once we’ve had enough. But what is “enough” for you? Would you recognize “enough” when you saw it? Have you written down your $$-amount that you consider enough? And how often has this $$-amount changed over the years? Do you feel richer than 5 years ago? Could it be that you moved your goalposts just to keep up with the Joneses or the Lees or the Tans next door? You see, many people go to work to become rich. But most people have not even defined what “rich” means to them (“where are your goalposts again?”). Still, many people believe earning a higher & higher income will make them rich – eventually. Reality checks: It’s not my income, but all about my income-to-expense ratio RICH = WHAT I HAVE ÷ WHAT I WANT I don’t obsess about my haves; I manage my wants, instead The absolute fundamental skill is my ability to spend less than I earn...
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By Taking Care Of My Own Business
Why you should be Taking Care Of Your Own Business or why you should Tacomob. Hi, my name is Andy.Andreas G. Schmidt (aka Andy) What motivated me to create this website? Well, sometimes, one can observe a lot by watching ...

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