Forget Stablecoins and Luna: These 3 Blue-Chip Companies Offer Both Stability and Dividends
By The Smart Investor  •  May 22, 2022
The last two weeks have been tough for cryptocurrency investors, especially those who had bought both Luna and TerraUSD. TerraUSD, a stablecoin that was pegged to the US dollar, crashed to US$0.20 last Wednesday and is now trading at around US$0.095. Its affiliate token Luna has lost nearly all its value in a stunning plunge from an all-time high of US$119.18 just last month. If you’re troubled by the sudden and inexplicable crash in these two cryptocurrencies, don’t fret. You can always choose to park your money in dependable blue-chip companies that offer peace of mind as well as dividends. Singapore Technologies Engineering Ltd (SGX: S63) Singapore Technologies Engineering Ltd, or STE, is a defence and engineering conglomerate with three business segments — commercial aerospace, urban solutions & satcom (satellite communication), and defence & public security. The group has operations spanning across Asia, Europe and the US serving customers in more than 100 countries....
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By The Smart Investor
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