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Integrated Shield Plans (IP) in Singapore: What Are They?
By ValueChampion  •  May 23, 2022
Hospitalisation coverage is a must-have tool to have in your life due to the ever-rising healthcare costs in the country. According to the Singapore Department of Statistics, the cost of Medical & Dental Treatment has risen nearly 78% in the last 20 years. In 2015, the MediShield Life Scheme was introduced as a replacement and an enhancement for the older MediShield Plan introduced in 1990. MediShield Life is a basic hospitalisation coverage plan that provides life coverage for all Singaporean Citizens and Permanent Residents, including those with pre-existing conditions. MediShield Life covers most basic hospitalisation fees such as Inpatient/Outpatient Treatment subsidised bills incurred at Class B2/C wards in public hospitals. However, you might need an Integrated Shield Plan (IP) such as PruShield, and AIA HealthShield Gold Max to enjoy a more comprehensive coverage for your hospital expenses. IP provides additional benefits such as claiming higher coverage for general medical procedure...
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By ValueChampion
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