How To Cope With Investment Losses
By Syfe  •  May 24, 2022
The original interview with The Straits Times was first published on 22 May 2022.  Over the past months, stock markets have been hit by a drastic slide in asset prices. Are there ways for investors to limit their losses? Dhruv Arora, Syfe’s founder and CEO, expressed his views in an interview with The Straits Times. We chatted with Dhruv to find out what he shared.  How can investors better handle their emotions while investing? For example, how can they rationalise losses in their portfolios? Dhruv: High and lows are part and parcel of investing. It is important to know that feeling anxious when the markets are volatile is normal, and this is what every investor will go through. With markets so choppy, you may think that pulling out of the market is a “safe” choice. But doing that means you not only realise your losses but also risk missing...
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By Syfe
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