Cory Diary : Funding to buy during this market downturn
By CoryLogics  •  May 25, 2022
The Stock Market has been under correction mode for some period. For STI Index, it has came down to early Jan level. The Nasdaq (-19% YTD) seen more severe down level to last year 2021 Feb period similar to Dow Jones. Unfortunately, investment cash account has been depleting as stock gets cheaper. If we look at Tesla -41% YTD doubled of Nasdaq. Apple down almost -21% YTD. If we looks into other growth stocks that is still in -VE EPS phase, -70% loss from All Time High, is not uncommon. This was my concern in the article on Market Draw Down Logic in late April just a month ago. Currently at this juncture, there is a feel that market may get worst before it can recover due to high inflation level which forces the Fed to raise rate. It looks like they won't stop unless recession is around the corner. Of-course this is calculated...
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By CoryLogics

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