The Importance of Personal Accident Insurance in Singapore
By ValueChampion  •  May 25, 2022
Last year, we wrote an article about the odds of getting into a car accident, and what we found was shocking: From 2020 to 2021, the number of fatal accidents rose from 80 to 100 annually. We have about 12.96 traffic deaths per 100,000 cars in Singapore, slightly below the average worldwide, but only 35% of Singaporean households own a car. What is a Personal Accident Plan? A personal accidents plan is a standalone plan that provides comprehensive coverage in an accident. Coverage and premiums can range from as affordable as SingLIfe AVIVA Personal Accident Plan or as thorough in providing as many benefits as possible. Some personal accident plans, such as FWD Personal Accident, cover infectious diseases such as dengue fever, even as recent as COVID-19. Other accident plans provide additional benefits, such as TCM and worldwide coverage, and cover other mishaps like food poisoning. This makes their premiums pricer....
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By ValueChampion
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