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Top 5 Weekend Getaways in Singapore
By - Your Salary in Singapore  •  May 25, 2022
Singapore has a lot of beauty to offer but like any city, can be a little tiresome after long periods of time battling through the busy streets. If you find you’re looking for a weekend away, it is the perfect location to explore all of Southeast Asia. No matter if you’re looking for somewhere close by or fancy traveling by private jet charter flights, there is something for everyone looking for a weekend getaway around Singapore. Here are some of the best destinations where you can have loads of fun in just 72 hours. Bangkok, Thailand Bangkok is one of the more popular destinations on our list. With affordable shopping, delicious street food, and a booming hipster culture it is becoming one of the top weekend getaways for all those in Singapore. If shopping is on your to-do list, 72 hours is more than enough time in Bangkok. The Platinum Mall is the place to be for all your fashion desires....
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By - Your Salary in Singapore
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