Bear Market Survival Tips
By Wealthdojo  •  May 28, 2022
I was hoping never to write this article because if you are here reading this, it could only means a few things.
  • We are in a bear market
  • You are in a long position with a possibility of being overleveraging
  • You don’t have a system that prepares you for this scenario
Whatever the reason you are here, I think it is quite certain that we are experience a market that is downward cha-cha. Disclaimer: It is anybody’s guess where the market is going to be. This should not be taken as a buy/sell/hold recommendation. Please consider your own context or approach a financial advisor for advise. Bear Market Survival Tips Despite the fear, bear markets are nothing new. To put everyone on the same page, a bear market occurs when major stock indexes like the S&P 500 fall 20% or more from their most recent peakThey’ve occurred 12 times since 1946, which is on average once every 8 years....
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By Wealthdojo
He used to shy away from crowds and presentations because he was always afraid of making mistakes on stage, saying the wrong thing and boring the audience. Until one day, one of his friends said this that changed his entire life.”Thanks for your sharing last week

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