NASDAQ plunges 28% – Has the Stock Market bottomed for 2022?
By Financial Horse  •  May 28, 2022
After the past week, a lot of you asked if the stock market has bottomed out. And I must admit, I was actually pretty surprised by the Astrea 7 Balloting Results (which was frankly abysmal). When I was calling for stocks to drop back in Dec/Jan, few agreed with me then. It was the hard decision, but also the right one. Fast forward to mid 2022, and suddenly everyone is a bear. Everyone “agrees” that stocks are going to drop more as 2022 plays out. And this makes me very, very nervous about my call. Investor sentiment in Singapore is poor Let’s survey the landscape. Astrea 7 Balloting Results were dismal. It looks even worse than Astrea IV, despite having a much higher yield. The recent Lendlease REIT rights issue paints a similar story. Despite being priced at an attractive discount, the take up rate was very poor. Retail investors seem reluctant to part with their cash....
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By Financial Horse
Financial Horse was started to demystify financial investments. He is a firm believer in Einstein’s quote that “If you can’t explain it to six-year-old, you don’t understand it yourself.” Too much of finance is shrouded in complex jargon, and Financial Horse gallops through the mysteries ...

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