9 SkillsFuture Courses You Should Take to Give Your Home Business a Head Start
By SmallCapAsia  •  June 2, 2022
One unintended effect of the COVID-19 pandemic was the massive growth in global entrepreneurship. While larger businesses were losing employees, many more small businesses were being set up by individual proprietors during the crisis. Thankfully, Singapore’s entrepreneurship initiatives helped many of these nascent businesses survive and thrive in rapidly shifting markets. One such initiative is SkillsFuture Singapore (SSG), a state-sponsored continuing education programme that is designed to help Singaporeans develop to their fullest potential and to teach them practical skills no matter what stage they are in life. The knowledge earned from these courses has allowed thousands of former employees to start their own businesses, often becoming employers themselves. If you’re a Singaporean citizen or a permanent resident and are interested in becoming an entrepreneur, SkillsFuture Singapore offers several courses that can maximise your chances of success. Below are some courses that may give your business a head start. Be sure...
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By SmallCapAsia
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