Manage FOMO: Practical Decision-Making book summary
By Scrappy Finance  •  June 3, 2022
Ever wondered how did the term "FOMO" comes about? Being crippled by Fear of Missing Out causes you to not make practical decisions in a world of overwhelming choices. FOMO describes the decimating anxiety when thinking other people are having better, more fulfilling, experiences than you are. It's a natural, biological response, but that doesn't make it feel any better. Alarmingly, it has become a cultural crisis. Patrick McGinnis, creator of the term FOMO, has a solution to manage this anxiety.
  • Learning to weigh the costs and benefits of your choices
  • Prioritizing your decisions
  • Listening to your gut are central to silencing FOMO and its lesser-known cousin, FOBO: Fear of a Better Option.
Here is the summary for Fear of Missing Out: Practical Decision Making in a World of Overwhelming Choice to help you ascertain and eliminate the parts of your life that are causing more anxiety than happiness....
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By Scrappy Finance
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