The Orchard Road Shopping Belt
By The Bedokian Portfolio  •  June 3, 2022
With the opening of borders, a feature which was woefully absent two years ago is making a comeback. Yes, the tourists are coming. Never mind the inflation, interest rates and expensive plane tickets, there will always be a portion of people, dying to enact the “revenge of travel”, coming here (and the converse is true for our fellow citizens going out of here, by air, sea, and the causeways). Now that the crowds (local and foreign) are coming back, let us look at our famous tourist barometer: the Orchard Road shopping belt (which I shall call it ORSB). There are some variations as to where the ORSB lies, depending on one’s sources. For me, the ORSB starts from the junction of Tanglin Road/Napier Road junction to the border of Orchard Road and Bras Basah Road, which in building-wise, from Tanglin Mall to The Cathay. Also included in the area is from the junction of...
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By The Bedokian Portfolio
My first encounter with the financial markets started in the aftermath of the 2008/2009 Global Financial Crisis. Before this, I had no notion of what investment and trading were, although I had learned about economics, business management and accounting back in my university studies. I was a trader when I first started, albeit an amateurish one, and trading was just a side hobby of mine ...

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