Syfe Trade: A Brokerage For Everyone
By A Path to Forever Financial Freedom (3Fs)  •  June 7, 2022
Sometime around this time last year, I wrote an article on Syfe Investment Portfolio highlighting the Core Portfolio which provides investors with a balanced mix of equity, bond, and gold ETFs. If you have bought them, you would fared pretty well above the market average at an annualized return of -8.1% for the past 1-year but up 5.5% for 3 years annualized and 5.6% for 5 years annualized. *Source is accurate as of 24th May 2022 Today, I’ll be reviewing Syfe Trade – Syfe’s very own first step into brokerage and see what some of their competitive advantages are. Introducing Syfe Trade Syfe Trade is a brokerage platform which allows investors to invest in US stocks and ETFs at a low cost. It proudly claims itself as Singapore’s first neobroker – which is a new class of brokerage platforms that aim to revolutionise stock trading through innovative concepts, low fees, and easy to use digital platforms for anyone out there....
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By A Path to Forever Financial Freedom (3Fs)
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