I Already Have Hospitalisation Insurance. Why Do I Need a Critical Illness Plan As Well?
By Planner Bee  •  June 8, 2022
Health insurance is vital to protect yourself from unexpected illnesses and injuries. There are two main types of health coverage in Singapore: Critical Illness (CI) Insurance and Hospitalisation Insurance. Many people confuse the two since they both can cover medical bills. If you do not know what CI insurance is and how it complements hospitalisation insurance, here’s our guide. What does each policy cover? While both hospitalisation and CI policies cover you when there is a medical emergency, they serve different purposes, and their payouts vary as well. Here is a comparison:
Insurance Policy Hospitalisation Insurance Critical Illness Insurance
What it offers Reimburses medical bills Lump sum payout upon diagnosis of illnesses
Purpose of the plan Covers the costs of hospitalisation, and cancer and kidney treatments Provides a source of income while you recuperate
Geographical coverage Most plans are limited to the country. E.g. Integrated Shield plans only covers Singapore and overseas treatments during short-term trips Global
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By Planner Bee
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