Crypto Portfolio Update (May 2022) + Thoughts On Blockchain Gaming 
By Investing Beanstock  •  June 9, 2022
Gm. Gm. May was nothing short of a depressing month for most market participants unless you have been aggressively shorting from the top. It was also the month where crypto finally slowed down a little and allow more breathing space to actually sit down and learn new concepts. The market basically priced in (front-ran) whatever the Fed wanted to do in the coming months even before the real QT took place. So in a sense, the market did its own regulating mechanism and we’re in this weird spot where early sellers and capitulators are left with a sideways market while sidelined capital basically took over their spot, while we remain rangebound. I am not a predictoooor nor do I have a crystal ball, but I have been busy accumulating ETH this month while getting rid of higher beta altcoins in the process. The thing with tight liquidity in this nascent...
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By Investing Beanstock
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