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How Do You Maximise Travel Expenses? With a Miles Credit Card, Of Course!
By ValueChampion  •  June 9, 2022
Everyone is eager to travel during the June holidays. Finally, getting a break in the middle of the year to recharge again. As you go to the computer or your smartphone to book the next flight or the next hotel, you are shocked to see that aeroplane tickets are getting more expensive. In fact, Singapore Airlines predicts that “airfares are expected to come back down within a few months after increasing due to travel demand" According to SIA group commercial executive vice-president Mr Lee Lik Hsin: "Airfares are a function of demand and supply. The reality is that flights for the next two months or so are quite booked up for many sectors, and so in those sectors, you will see higher prices." During my freshman year, I found out that some people always flew in business classes. They told me a little secret they use to make their business class tickets more affordable for them. The secret? Credit Card Miles....
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By ValueChampion
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