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KrisFlyer Devaluation 2022: ~10% Increase in Redemption Cost
By Sethisfy  •  June 10, 2022
An email came in a couple of days ago announcing revisions to KrisFlyer’s redemption rates. Most of us are familiar with how businesses and the government alike use the word “revision”, and mile chasers have been bracing for such a thing for some time now. Devaluation is upon us and from 5th July 2022, SQ flights will take more KrisFlyer miles to redeem. Average increase of 10% in miles required Singapore Air states that the average increase is about 10%. Looking at some one-way business class saver redemptions, 10% seems more like the lower limit rather than the average:
Destination (one-way, Saver business class) Before 5th July 2022 After 5th July 2022 Increase
Philippines, Thailand, Vietnam, Myanmar, Cambodia & Laos 21,500 24,000 2,500 (🔺11.6%)
Tokyo & Korea 47,000 52,000 5,000 (🔺10.6%)
Europe 92,000 103,500 11,500 (🔺12.5%)
USA (West Coast) & Canada 95,000 107,000 12,000 (🔺12.6%)
Current chart vs revised chart
Economy is less hit by the devaluation, with nearby flights more expensive by 8%, and longer distance ones up by about 10.5% in cost:...
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By Sethisfy
When I was a kid, people told me that I’d miss being a student once I became an adult and had grownup responsibilities. I’d start missing exams when I had to go to work. I’d miss having pocket money when I have to pay my taxes. Been an adult for a decade now and I think… I like it. I’m never going back to being a kid again!

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