My experience of the Crypto Crash in 2022
By New Academy of Finance  •  June 10, 2022
If you’ve been actively invested in the markets since the start of this year, be it stocks or crypto, your portfolio probably looks like this heat map: Well, if it does, don’t worry because my portfolio looks something like that too! Nothing to be happy about here… but if you zoom out and look at the big picture, cryptos are still up by a decent amount since the start of 2021. Bear markets are unavoidable, and we would probably never be 100% certain when one would come. But one thing we can be 100% in control of, is how we react to it. In this article, I will be providing a brief overview of the current cryptocurrency market conditions and sharing some of the steps I am taking to cut some losses and continue earning. Crypto market overview About $1.6 TRILLION – yes Trillion with a “T” – has been erased from the total...
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By New Academy of Finance

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