Weekly Market Wrap | 10 June 2022
By Syfe  •  June 11, 2022
Still Running Hot The closely watched inflation report released on Friday showed a re-acceleration of inflation, quashing hopes that inflation has already peaked and that the Fed could ease up on hiking rates. The Consumer Price Index (CPI), also known as headline inflation, came in at 8.6%. Russia’s invasion of Ukraine was continuing to push the prices of food and energy – the most volatile components of the CPI up. Costs for meat, eggs and wheat-based products like bread rose at the fastest pace since 1979, as measured by an index representing the price of food at home. Core inflation (the line in light blue below) moderated slightly, falling from 6.2% to 6.0%.  Source: New York Times The differentiation between headline and core inflation is important as while the Fed wants to bring inflation down through demand moderation, it has pretty much no control over commodity prices and...
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By Syfe
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