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What retirement planning has taught me
By Property Soul  •  June 12, 2022
Long-time readers would know the reason why I set up this blog twelve years ago. It was to create a platform to share experiences and exchange ideas with fellow property investors. Gradually, I got many emails from people telling me the stories of their regrettable property purchase. Then I started writing about tricks and traps of this not-so-transparent real estate industry. Today, Singapore has a rapidly aging population. So occasionally I would receive property questions from readers about their retirement planning. 5 groups of people asking for property advice After I started my one-to-one property consultation service last March, five main groups of people would ask for my help: 1. Young couples who are getting married and buying their matrimonial home Their combined salaries are usually above the income ceilings of first-hand BTOs and ECs. They want to know the private housing options that are within their budget, including property types, location and projects....
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By Property Soul
I have developed a strong passion for properties since young. In my 20s, I was relocated to Singapore where I bought my first condominium unit at the end of 2002. I added four more to my property portfolio in 4 ½ years’ time. I never expected their total value could be doubled in just a few years.

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