Crypto prices – Is it bear market astrological view
By SmallCapAsia  •  June 13, 2022
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Correction in crypto prices since both eclipses occurred

Months ago in 2021, many people keep asking how come the prices of Crypto keep increasing and are so bullish? When will the dip come so that I can buy?

Well the dip finally came ever since the Solar and Lunar eclipse occurred. During the dip (Crash??) in crypto prices, are you brave enough to buy or are you fearful and prefer to sell all your crypto?

Btc Eth, Avax, Atom, Near etc prices were way much higher before. Now many of them 60-90% down from ATH. It is very likely that quite a number of coins all time high may never come back again. In fact, most of the alt coins may be gone by then.

Cryptocurrencies will still be the future in terms of price upward potential

Based on both Western Astrology and Chinese Metaphysics crypto prices will have a

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By SmallCapAsia
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