uSMART – The Smart Broker is Here in Singapore!
By ValueChampion  •  June 16, 2022
Everyone in Singapore is out there seeking the cheapest online brokerage to invest in and secure a passive income for themselves. To many, profit-maximizing remains the top priority with low brokerage and trade fees viewed to be of paramount importance. But are fees the only factor for consideration? uSMART, the latest entrant to Singapore’s competitive online brokerage scene doesn’t seem to think so. With innovative and smart features, uSMART seeks to compete beyond low fees with its SMART features and product offerings. What is uSMART? uSMART is a MAS-regulated broker who brands themselves as a Smart Broker that integrates Big Data to help users make more informed investment decisions. There are 3 different account types available: uSMART Trader, uSMART Standard, and uSMART Intel. Account Types
uSMART Trader uSMART Standard uSMART Intel
Fees Lowest Low Normal
Welcome Gift No Yes Yes
Intelligent Features No Limited (10) Unlimited
Requirements - - Min Assets S$3,000 Or subscribe from SGD 0.01/month promo subsequent SGD 18.80
Learning Yes Yes Yes
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By ValueChampion
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