Why I Chose To Rent Instead Of Buying A Home In Singapore
By Stacked Homes  •  June 16, 2022
Growing up, I lived in a HDB flat my parents owned. During all the social studies lessons we had (you can probably tell my age from this!), I was taught that a home you owned was always an asset to have. Then I moved to the U.K to study at university. For me, Nottingham became house, and home for 3 years. I didn’t have the money to buy a home. So I rented. That was when I began to find the joy in renting. For one, every year, I had a new place to explore. Live in a home long enough, and you get bored with it. You know every nook and cranny, and everything feels the same. You’re familiar with the neighbourhood, and the food around you gets boring. Don’t get me wrong. I’m not saying that you shouldn’t buy your own home. But I’m saying that there are certain circumstances that may make renting a more...
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By Stacked Homes
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