A Piece of Cake
By StocksCafe  •  June 17, 2022
A slice of Chocolate Tower Truffle Cake contains 1,679 calories and 51 teaspoons of sugar, and even though it sounds (and is!) unhealthy, most of us would just consume it without much thought. What if we could “project” the impact of the chocolate cake on your overall health before your consumption? For example, what your fat percentage, arteries, or waistline would look like if you ate that decadent dessert; would that change your mind and help you make an informed decision to minimize regrets? In our recent customers’ survey, we found out an important yet highly neglected feature by our users – The Risk Manager. If you have been investing without assessing your risk, this article is dedicated to you. 🙂 There are many ways to assess our risks. For starters, let us share a few: BETA Beta is often used as a measurement for systematic risk (risk that affects the entire market) because it measures how...
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By StocksCafe
StocksCafe was created originally as a personal project to help me make better investment decisions. I decided to share it because it grew to a project that I believe many can benefit from. Feel free to let me know how it can improve to better assist you ...

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