Smart Contracts: What They Are and Why They’re Revolutionary
By Singapore Financial Planners  •  June 20, 2022
Smart contracts are the future of online transactions. They will revolutionise how we do everything from buying groceries to sending money overseas. We’ve already seen the rise of Bitcoin as a form of digital currency. With the advent of blockchain technology, we’re seeing the rise of smart contracts. These programs run on blockchains and allow 2 parties to make agreements without having to trust each other. Smart contracts will change how we send money, buy goods, and even live in the future. In this guide, I’ll explain what smart contracts are, why they’re important, and how to get started building your own. Before you continue Before you continue reading this post on smart contracts, we recommend you read more about cryptocurrencies and the blockchain. Doing so helps you understand how smart contracts work in our explanation later. Check out our guide on cryptocurrencies and blockchain here. What Is a Smart Contract?...
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By Singapore Financial Planners
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