Why the idea of Bitcoin is revolutionary | Importance of Self-Custody
By Singaporean Talks Money  •  June 20, 2022
*This is not financial advice and in no way am I advocating for Bitcoin but I am presenting the information I have found online on why Bitcoin appeals to certain audience and why it is getting increasingly popular or important depending on where you are to have self-custody. Bitcoin has really been on everyone’s topic of interest, even my mum has been talking about it. Mainly talking about how the price fluctuates so crazily over a short period of time and why I didn’t sell it when it reached $60,000 haha. Bitcoin has seen fluctuations in it’s prices and I would most definitely consider it as a volatile asset however to some individuals, Bitcoin remains the best form of asset for them to hold and let’s explore why it is further today. What is Bitcoin? Bitcoin was created by the anonymous Satoshi Nakamoto in 2008 after the financial crisis when he...
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By Singaporean Talks Money
I am currently a 23 year old university student in SIM. I hope to be able to grow my money and see the power of compound interest. I became interested in investing when I took a gap year and worked full-time. I realized that by just saving, it was very difficult to achieve my financial goals hence i read up on investing.

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