I’ve Stayed At RoyalGreen At Bukit Timah For 2 Months: Here’s My Review Of This Newly Built Condo
By Stacked Homes  •  June 21, 2022
For new launch condos, there’s always the element of the unknown that potential buyers will have to overcome. Despite how realistic renders can get today, or how accurate a show flat model that the developers build – there’s still nothing that can quite substitute for when the development is actually built. So for buyers that want to touch, feel, and experience the condo before they sign on the dotted line, condos that have just been completed are naturally your best bet. But if there’s something even better than that, it would be to find out the real experience of living there from a resident! This week, we had the opportunity to cover the RoyalGreen condo from the viewpoint of a resident. Emma (*not her real name for privacy reasons) and her family moved to RoyalGreen in mid-April of 2022. Together with three more adults (husband, mom, and a helper),...
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By Stacked Homes
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