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New S$1.5 Billion Support Package Overview: To Help Singaporeans & Businesses Cope With Inflation
By Seedly  •  June 21, 2022
HALP lah, we’ve all been hit hard by inflation lately and the prices of food and petrol seemed to be climbing non-stop. Source: Tenor Heng ah, the Government will be pushing out a $1.5 Billion Support Package to support Singaporeans! The support package is funded from surpluses as there were higher revenues from the financial year 2021. Due to the stronger economic recovery, spending on COVID-19 measures by the Government was lower than anticipated. There will be no further draw on past reserves. A closer review of the support package actually shows that it’s tilted towards helping the lower-income and vulnerable groups, but it also didn’t neglect all households, businesses, workers and self-employed persons. Here’s an overview of the key measures and what you need to know!...
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By Seedly
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